General Rules


Participation is free and within the limits of available places. We recommend that you make your reservation to secure your place - in the event of too high a demand, reservations will take precedence.


Participation in photo workshops is free and within the limits of available places. Each workshop has a maximum number of seats. In order to participate you must register on the website, at the desired workshop.

Each workshop has 3 parts: (1) theoretical introduction, (2) photo practice and (3) feedback from the coordinating photographer on a selection of photos taken by workshop participants.

Taking part


Each discussion and each workshop have their own registration form. For workshops you can choose from the beginning a clear time slot for the practical part (valid for workshops on beauty, portrait, show, documentary and  street, photography). We will not allow registration for more than one time slot - for example, at the rooftops workshop you will have to choose between the sunrise group and the sunset group; you will not be able to attend both.

Do's & Don'ts


Please be on time. At the photo workshops, to keep your place, please arrive 15 minutes early or let us know that you are late. If you are late and do not notify us, we do not guarantee that we will be able to keep your place in the workshop.

Food & drinks

Unless otherwise specified, we do not offer drinks / food. At all photo workshops/ discussions you will have shops/ restaurants in the area.


Please respect your colleagues and photo coordinators. We will not tolerate aggressive and / or discriminatory behavior.

This photography festival could be organised thanks to ProActiv pentru Comunitate Association. It is part of a larger project financed from non-reimbursable funds from the local budget of Sector 5 Bucharest through "Ștefan Iordache" Cultural and Youth Center. The content of this material does not necessarily reprezent the official position of Sector 5 of the Municipality of Bucharest.