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Walk & Shoot began in 2016 as a photography and exploration workshop focused on Bucharest’s diversity. The Walk & Shoot community includes amateur photographers, photographers and people interested in Bucharest. In 2018, Walk & Shoot got a makeover and is divided into two different types of experiences:


1. The Walk experience is based on the former workshop pattern and involves a few hours walk through a Bucharest neighborhood with a storyteller and photo facilitator. The photo theme of the workshop is storytelling, whether it is a photo reportage, a series or simply a several images that complement eachother like a puzzle. The facilitating photographer explains, guides, helps. Throughout the walk, the storyteller - someone who knows the neighbourhood inside out - tells stories and anecdotes, guiding the group through the neighbourhood’s streets. On the way we will have at least one meeting with a resident of the neighborhood who will tell us about life there and who also will become a photo subject.


2. The Shoot experience includes one-day workshops that address and deepen photographic genres. It starts in the morning with a session of theory and introduction to that genre of photography, then it takes about 8 hours of photo sessions and ends with a constructive discussion of the photos taken during the day, post processing options and development possibilities in the field.


Why: Because we have the power to create stories, because we have a ton of documentation about Bucharest and the city's communities, because we are bored with studio photography workshops or 20-person street photo walks, because we have access to places and people who deserve to be better known, because we work with some of the best Romanian photographers, because we want to know and experience "out of the box" experiences, because we want to offer a serious alternative to anybody passionate about photography, amateur or professional.


What we do not do: We do not give a diploma, we do not pretend that you will learn photography after a workshop, we do not overly direct photoshoots so that all the participants will end up having the same set of "good" pictures, do not keep you in the theoretical presentations for half a day and do not push sales for no one.


What we promise: Whether you choose a Walk or a Shoot, we promise you will discover a photo experience as you have never had, that you finish the workshop with solid information about photography, that you will get to know some cool people who share your passions, and that once you enter the Walk & Shoot community, we will put forward all our resources to help you with your photographic journey.


Walk & Shoot is a community of people passionate about photography, stories, Bucharest.

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